Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great women!

I think I have found one of my favourite Norwegian architects, Kari Nissen Brodtkorp.
The company only hire women and love too work without men bossing them around.
Because women have a nurturing nature, we have a sense of caring and presence, which is important to create good architecture, she says.
I love the use of solid materials and dark, warm colours, that go well with our cold, white winter.
It's kind of a Docklands(London) feel to it.

To see more of her work in Oslo, visit:
Aker Brygge, the last building on the dock, Tjuvholmen,
LysakerBrygge apartments or Karenslyst Alle.
If you feel like getting out of the city, visit Haga Golfclub in Bærum.

1 comment:

Inredning & katalog tjänster said...

Very nice apartments, really. I bet its kind of expensive to. :)

Nice blog by the way!

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