Sunday, July 1, 2012

That's it, for now...

I am a mom, designer, wife, daughter, sister, friend,colleague, organizer,
driver, landlord, personal shopper, cleaner and gardener..
and no longer have the extra time to focus on my blog.
I feel it's time to move on, close one door, and open
a new, focus on new possibilities and exciting challenges.
Take care, my dear blog friends, keep
making inspiring posts!

Thank you:)


Nin said...

U will be missed! Take care!

Mat på Bordet said...

Lykke til med alt du holder på med Henriette!

Camilla and Kwong said...

Så trist at du ta en pause, men jeg vet at du kommer sterkere tilbake!
Blir å savne deg i blogg verden!

Stor klem fra ho Camilla

Casa Très Chic said...

What are you saying? You're giving up your beautiful blog? I understand your reasons but I'm so sorry and hope you come back soon.
Have a nice life!

Indonesian Furniture said...

Another lovely post! I so love your blog.

Ymmeli said...

God jul og godt nyttår ønskes deg og dine! Blogghilsen fra Ellen.

Si said...

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