Monday, November 1, 2010

New week, new magazines

I am a magazine-aholic ,and buy everything from Vogue Living, Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest, to super modern Frame ,Monocle and Mark Magazine.
Are you a magazine-aholic too?And what is your fix?


Kirsti said...

I really love VS magazine. The pictures are always so beautiful and I love that they are so big. Several have ended up on my wall.

Concept Interiors said...

what a great idea!
It's so easy to take the magazine to a printshop, and they can enlarge to picture, and it's almost a free poster:)

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

nullfiresyvni wow that sounds like a cool idea. I have actually seen a company selling Vogue editorials framed and I must say they look pretty neat.

I wish I could afford magazines :p But being a broke student I can't anymore lol I've already spent way too much money on them and last year I was calculating the amount of money spent and got a big...:O
But I don't mind looking through a great mag in the shop or online :) Favorites are the once you already mentioned, plus Dwell and Interior Design: I suppose those are beneficial for my studies. but then there are an array of other design mag that I take a glimpse at.

Concept Interiors said...

Anna Caroline, I've been where you are now, and I remember going to the library to read architecture books and magazines. I studied in Britain, so the magazines where not to expensive, but my favourite, Frame, was 10 Pounds back then, and that was a treat.
Hope you enjoy your course and you should know that it really gets fun, when you start working. It's so much more fulfilling when it's in reality!
After a few years you get the confidence as a designer aswell and that's very helpful:)

Cherry Blossom Blog said...

Ah, jeg sluker magasiner!
Er stor fan av Elle interiør,
Elle deco og World of interiors.

Ha en fiiin dag! :)

Anna Caroline {Design Studio 210} said...

Henriette: I'm sorry for replying so late. Thanks for your informative and inspiring answer. It's so great to hear from someone who has been where I'm at in life at the moment.

What school did you attend? I'm studying from a British correspondence school, so I miss a lot of the classroom action, the mentor talks and all that. I suppose that's why I'm eagerly looking for connections online. I'm really glad I found you; you motivate me to finish my studies.

"After a few years you get the confidence as a designer aswell and that's very helpful:)"----confidence, that's really hard to have at the moment. So reading this is helpful :)

Hope you are having a great day!

Concept Interiors said...

Hi Anna Caroline. I studied at Manchester Metropolitan University,in Manchester UK.I took a bachelor degree, and was very eager to start working. I moved back to Oslo, and took various small jobs(it's hard to get a serious job in the beginning), but I never settled for a crap job, and kept on working. I got a job at Flos lighting as a lighting planner, and learned so much about lighting, and I see that as a huge advantage today. I have since, worked with the contract market; public areas, and I am very happy with that. The most satisfying thing is, seeing your project finished, especially with hotels, because you get to see people in the space you have created.
It's so much fun in reality, although you need to follow budgets and the client wishes., it's great to be respected and talked to as a professional.
I have never felt the need to do a masters degree, and feel that working is more fulfilling, but that depends on how motivated you are to keep studying.
do not hesitate to email me, if you have any questions. Good luck:)

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