Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crazy Maison Moschino in Milan

la bella donna

cupcake pillows, anyone?

zzzzzz...sweet dreams
forest inspired theme?

Jeg er heldig som får dra på messen i Milano i april, og da må
jeg jo stikke  innom det festlige hotellet, Maison Moschino.
Hva syns dere om cupcake puten, er den for crazy?

I'm one lucky girl, going to the annual furniture fair in Milan, in April.
I am definitely dropping by this fun hotel, Maison Moschino.
Are you a fant of the cupcake pillow, or is it just too crazy?


Casa Très Chic said...

Oh, yes, you are a lucky girl, the annual furniture fair in Milan is great, you'll certainly have fun.
And I think you should think better about ordering some sunshine from Brasil, we are practically melting here and praying for cold weather.

Concept Interiors said...

I know, Milan is great, and tons of inspiration for future work.

I'll send some snow your way, it's up to my knees!

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