Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration for our new kitchen


We are very much inspired by Adam Prices kitchen. The danish Tv chef and his wife built this amazing kitchen, fully equipped with everything you need for high quality cooking. I don't think we need 3 sinks and taps, but I sure love details, such as the technical lighting, the combination of stone and wooden worktops, shelf with pots and pans and the warm oak floors.
I hope our kitchen will be as warm and inviting as Prices kitchen:)


Anonymous said...

Takk! Skal igang med kjøkkenplanlegging og disse bildene blir definitivt med til interiørarkitekten. Så deilig med en alternativ blogg til de mange shabby chic, hvit stil etc, etc

Dagný Björg • Dagfar said...

I love this open, bright and spaceious kitchen - it would be a dream come true to have this kitchen in my home!!

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