Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So much talent in this company!

I´m so proud of my talented colleagues
at Metropolis Arkitektur og design in Oslo.
Look at this amazing house, all the 
very important details, put together in
av very stylish way!


1001natt said...

Helt rått!!!:) Hvor er peisen fra forresten?

Camilla and Kwong said...

Utrolig flott, dere kan få komme hjem til meg, du må komme å se badet snart! Ha en fortsatt fin uke hos Metropolis, savner deg på Sias! Klem fra ho Camilla

Marie said...

Yeah! Flinke jobben :)

Elisabeth said...

Gratulerer med ny jobb!
Ser utrolig bra ut.

Tar kontakt, takk for fine kommentaren : )

Reward Hotel Projects said...

Really creative..
hotel design

Unknown said...

like the fact that the surfaces show a great respect to the natural/native surface finish without losing the element of class and complexity.

Unknown said...

Wow! This house is chic! You know, if I am a movie director searching for the perfect 21st Century type of home, I’d definitely pick this house. Its interior is exceptional, and I think, if this would be shown in a film, the viewers will most definitely feel how soothing and refreshing the atmosphere of the house is.

Katy Desroches

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